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Yuzhou Hotel

Chongqing Yuzhou Hotel is located in Yuzhou Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. As a state-owned hotel with precipitation for half a century, she has witnessed many historic moments. Area B of Xinguan is an elegant building in the style of Han and Tang Dynasty. It is a new hotel which is fully managed and operated in accordance with high standards. Chongqing Yuzhou Hotel has more than 30 high-class rooms and conference facilities, as well as Jinyu Mantang Restaurant with state banquet standard, Sichuan-Guangdong Restaurant with local flavor, TOP Asian Restaurant with Southeast Asian cuisine and full-time Lingxuan Hong Kong Restaurant. At the same time, Chongqing Yuzhou Hotel also has professional service facilities such as comfortable and comfortable Meiquan SPA, smooth Jinshan City Hotpot Hall, warm and comfortable Yingyue Tea House, Dongjia Tea House, Daqianji Art Business Gallery, Qiaorui National Medical Museum, and first-class Shanghai School Yuankang Sports Center.